Our Story

junk911Founder and Owner, Mike Herget, has been an active member in his community of South Orange County for over 50 years.  Whether it’s helping the local Orange County high schools haul off unwanted junk or using his resources to deliver pumpkins to local Mission Viejo schools for Halloween; he has a passion for helping others.  This passion gave him the urge to birth the idea of 949Junk911 over 12 years ago, from the help of his grandson.  Being born on September 11th, led to Mike agreeing with his grandson’s suggestion of a ‘Junk911’ name, and with strong ties to his local community, the idea for haul junk as 949Junk911 was underway.

949Junk911 helps with all types of junk hauling; whether you’re looking to haul off garage clutter or in the middle of a real estate sale and need to haul old and unwanted furniture, they provide a trusted junk hauling service you can rely on.  Junk removal just got easier and if you’re in the South Orange County Area; such as Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, etc., nobody is more reliable and trustworthy than your local hauler, 949Junk911. 949Junk911 Fam pic

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