The Garage: For Your Car or Unwanted Junk?

getridofjunk690x400Millions of Americans have lost their living spaces to the battle against unwanted Junk!  The garage is designed to house a car or multiple cars, yet 1 out of 4 Americans say their garage is so unorganized with junk, it is more of a storage unit!

How does this happen?  Well many homeowners take great pride in their house and are constantly updating furniture, reorganizing storage spaces inside, and removing any junk to the garage.  Over time, this leads to a space of the house homeowners don’t appreciate and are embarrassed by how dysfunctional it truly is.

With this issue affecting over 25% of Americans, junk hauling services are becoming more and more relevant, and homeowners are simply unaware of the local hauling services around them.  Leaving furniture on your curb with a ‘Free’ sign is just hoping someone takes it and half the time you’ve got to throw in the towel and place that junk right back in the garage.  Find your local hauling service to remove your junk and don’t be part of the 25% of Americans who dread to even look in their garage!